Machine Applique Designs

So what exactly are machine applique designs? This post will give you a brief explanation of what they are and at least one site you can buy them from. Appliqueing is the art of sewing fabric pieces onto other fabric pieces. It dates back hundreds of years and used to be practiced by only the wealthy. Due to modern innovation this process has been made available to anybody with a little time and a little money.

You can sew an applique by hand or by machine, sewing them by hand can take hours and hours of time and is very tedious. A machine applique is typically a design that was drawn, or a picture that somebody took. This image is then put into a digitizing program where it is converted to different types of stitching. Digitizing software is expensive and takes a long time to learn. It is much easier to search online for a design and pay a few dollars for it.

These embroidery designs are uploaded to an embroidery machine where you are able to set the thread color for the different parts of the design. The embroidery machine will stop at certain points where you will be able to insert the applique fabric and then a tac-down stitch is sewn to hold it in place. Many designs use a satin stitch to cover the tac-down stitch and complete the embroidery. Sewing an applique this way can take less then 5 minutes or longer depending on the complexity of the design. So if you would like to see examples of cheep machine embroidery designs you can visit


Embroidery Machines and Designs

There are many types embroidery machines on the market. These machines are used by both professionals and the DIY amateurs. Many people have started getting into this area of sewing due to the fact that prices have become more affordable. Yes some machines cost thousands of dollars, but there are many machines that can be found for under a thousand dollars. There has also been an influx of designers that are selling their machine embroidery designs and appliques on line. These range in price from less then a dollar to 15 or so dollars, depending on the complexity of the design. There are even sites that offer free designs to hopefully win your business.

Most embroidery machines come in two types, professional and combination. The professional machines will only sew embroideries and appliques. While the combination machines come with a detachable embroidery arm that when removed allows the machine to be a regular sewing machine. An example of a dedicated machine would be the Tijama 4 head machine. This machine can sew up to 4 products at the same time. They have machines that can sew from 1 to 20 products at the same time. An example of a combination machine would be the Designer Diamond Royale by Huqvarna. This machine has a detachable embroidery arm that when detached turns the machine into a normal sewing machine. For the everyday sewer that isn’t going to mass produce products this types of machine is the ideal machine. If properly taken care of these machines should last 20 to 30 years or more.

If you notice as you are looking around, sewing machines and sewing designs have come a long way from 20 years ago. Many of the machines come with touch screens and can plug directly into your computer. The designs are then uploaded to the machine and you are ready to sew. You can find great information about machine embroidery by visiting Wiki.